Equipson to acquire the structures and lifters manufacturer Fantek

logo_equipsonVALENCIA, Spain – April 17, 2015. Equipson announces it has agreed to acquire the fabrication activity developed by Fantek, Spanish manufacturer and marketer specialised in truss structures and lifting towers. This acquisition results in an implementation of the know-how of Fantek, aligned with the corporate strategy of Equipson, as the company has been making big efforts to differentiate its divisions in clearly separated areas: audio, lighting and lifters. The addition of the industrial activity of Fantek will reinforce the lifting solutions division.

With this operation, Equipson incorporates a new manufacturing plant and facilities which means greater production and commercial capabilities. This leads to a new stage in which the group will keep on investing on specialisation and brand differentiation.

“Our purpose is to strengthen the specialisation of our different brands, expand possibilities and offer a wider range of lifting and structure solutions to the professionals of the audio and lighting sector. Everyone in Equipson share a deep commitment with them”, Juan José Vila, CSO of Equipson, told.

About Fantek

Fantek has been pioneer in the manufacture and commercialisation of truss structures and lifters. Since 1986, Fantek has been manufacturing these lifting solutions as private-label products as well. These years of specialisation on this specific part of the entertainment sector have made it the area of expertise of Fantek.

About Equipson

Equipson is a company from Spain founded in 1995 and dedicated to creating integral solutions for the AV installers. Besides its specialisation in Audio Systems and Loudspeakers, Equipson dedicates big efforts to the Audio Electronics. Under its leading brand WORK Pro, Equipson has created a wide set of innovative and smarts products that make possible and really easy to design and control an audio-visual installation, no matter its size or complexity. Connecting technologies is easier with WORK Pro.