Epson’s Huddle Room Whitepaper is AWESOME

huddle-room-epson-0915So far, I’ve seen five “expert” level white papers claiming to help educate the reader on what the heck a huddle room is and why it matters.

Oh, and ALL of them have sucked.
Without mentioning the name of the publication or the name of the display company that wrote it, just Google it and read them for yourself.
Epson, on the other hand, just debuted one that is actually very good. It’s NOT product focused — in fact, the brand Epson doesn’t even appear on the educationally-focused white paper until page 9, the second-to-last page of the document and in the very last section.
Four of the five previously written so-called huddle room white papers / educational pieces mentioned the brand who wrote it or the name of the publication at least three times by page two.
It starts with actual data on the market that comes from professional research — not from Epson’s own research. It moves on to the difference between different kinds of workplace workers (generationally) and why the concept of the huddle room works (and with whom) and then specifically — spec by spec — identifies what makes up a huddle room.
Sure, this isn’t the average piece to educate an integrator, but this is the ultimate piece for you to forward to your clients (even if you don’t plan to use or spec Epson) to explain this hugely — far from emerging — trend. It’s like a neatly written needs-analysis wrapped up a an educational white paper.
Still don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself.