Epson Talks Digital Signage Show and 72-Mega-Pixel VR Tour of their Booth

At the DSE (Digital Signage Expo) last week, we partnered with Epson to shoot the highest resolution VR-based trade show booth tour, ever. No one has ever shot an entire VR tour in 72 Mega-Pixel resolution — and it’s one you can see with either a VR headset OR with a regular web browser — using rAVe’s patent-pending VR technology. Gary spoke with Epson Senior Product Manager Remi Del Mar on his podcast about how the VR experience works, the integration of their huge 15’x19’ projected interactive PlayWall inside the DSE booth and the use of their LightScene digital signage laser projectors — all of which you can see by clicking here! When you take the VR tour, you can not only walk around their DSE booth, virtually, but you can also play all the videos of the new products we shot at DSE, click links to the product websites and download product brochures, too!

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