EPSON Launches G5000 – A Projector Aimed at K-12

Last week, Epson launched the new PowerLite G5000, the latest in Epson’s line of installation projectors designed to provide flexibility and performance for educational institutions. Offering XGA resolution and 4,000 lumens white light output (not ANSI) and 4,000 lumens color light output, the network-ready PowerLite G5000 utilizes 3LCD technology while offering vertical/horizontal lens shift, a 1000:1 contrast ratio, and immediate On/Off (no power up or down time required).  And, priced at $2499, it?s perfect for higher-end ED applications.  And, YAY, a center-mounted lens!

See it here.

If you’ve been reading my columns, you know I’m advocating for going native widescreen.  But, going XGA (vs. SVGA or other lower resolutions) when budgets are tight and/or other higher priorities pull one away from native widescreen, is understandable.