EPSON Launches “Budget-Conscious” Document Camera Aimed at K-12

doccamera_0409I am continually amazed that document cameras are still in use in schools in departments other than science, but they are.  Here’s a new one that’s not a budget-breaker.  Last week, EPSON announced a new easy-to-use and affordable DC-06 document camera called the DC-06, featuring XGA (1024×768) resolution.  Because of its small footprint (and it is indeed tiny), it is ideal for undersized classrooms where space is limited.

Check out the $399 DC-06 here.

Instructors come up with some really interesting uses for document cameras.  The far and away best, for me, was a child psychology class instructor who did a whole “live” overhead view, segment of a shoebox sized “family” role-play.  -GB