Epson Intros $899 3,000-Lumen Home Theater Projector

epson 750 0113

epson-750-0113Epson today announced a new projector, the 3LCD PowerLite Home Cinema 750HD, and entry level 3D home theater projector. The Home Cinema 750HD offers 3,000 lumens brightness, making it Epson’s brightest home theater projector, as well 720p resolution and active shutter 3D technology.

The projector can be mounted anywhere from 3.5 to 35.5 feet from the wall or screen. It is also equipped with Easy-Slide image correction, a horizontal keystone adjustment slide control bar that allows it to be installed off-center. In addition, the Home Cinema 750HD features Epson’s latest RF 3D glasses that last up to 40 hours or up to three hours with a new three-minute quick charge.

The Home Cinema 750HD features five pre-set color modes optimized for various viewing environments, as well as HDMI connectivity and a USB 2.0 connection.

The 750HD lists for $899 and will be available in late March.

This projector isn’t on Epson’s website yet, but when it is, it will be here: