Epson Home Cinema 4000 Projector is 3LCD 4K and HDR for $2199

Epson today introduced the Home Cinema 4000 projector with HDR10 for $2,200 list. Using Epson’s 4K Enhancement Technology — which accepts 4K UHD content and uses a pixel-shining technique to actually display 4K from three (R,G and B) native 1920×1080 LCDs. It’s spec’d at a contrast ratio of up to 140,000:1. The Home Cinema 4000 includes two HDMI ports.


  • 4K Enhancement Technology – Accepts native 4K UHD content; also up-scales 1080p input for resolution that exceeds Full HD
  • HDR10 – High Dynamic Range for full 10-bit color output
  • 100 Percent Pure Color Brightness – 2,200 lumens equal color and white brightness
  • UltraBlack Contrast – Up to 140,000:1 contrast ratio
  • Smart Motorized Lens – Preset up to 10 positions for powered focus, zoom and lens shift; features 2.1x zoom and ultra wide lens shift
  • L*a*b* Ultra Wide Color Gamut – Offers 100 percent coverage of the DCI-P3 color space, the digital cinema standard
  • Delta Level Color Accuracy – With a low Delta E rate
  • 3LCD Technology

The Home Cinema 4000 will be available June 26. Here are all the tech specs.