Epson Adds Two Portable Projectors to Its EX-Series

epson-exseries-1115Epson today introduced the EX5250 Pro and the EX5240 portable projectors — both aimed at small- to medium-sized businesses. The EX5250 Pro projector is an XGA resolution (1024×768) at 3,600 lumens, includes wireless connectivity while the EX5240 also XGA but is specified at 3,200 lumens. Both projectors include VGA and HDMI connectivity. Of course, they are both 3LCD projectors. The EX5250 Pro and EX5240 both support HDMI and the EX5250 Pro features wireless connectivity with Epson’s quick connect on-screen QR code, allowing users easy access to content from smartphones and tablets using Epson’s iProjection app to scan the on-screen QR code and instantly project content from an iOS or Android device.

The EX-Series offers features including image adjustment tools such as automatic vertical correction and Epson’s “Easy-Slide” horizontal image correction. The Epson EX5240 ($549) and EX5250 Pro ($599) are already shipping. Here is more information.