Epson Adds New PixAlign ELPEC01 Camera to Line of Interchangeable Lens Projectors

Epson New PixAlign ELPEC01 CameraEpson announced the new PixAlign ELPEC01 camera to its line of interchangeable lens projectors. The new camera helps streamline setup for advanced projection applications and attaches directly to the projector or ultra short-throw lens. PixAlign joins Epson’s selection of projector installation tools, such as Epson Projector Professional Tool (EPPT) and built-in NFC function.

The PixAlign ELPEC01 camera is a solution providing fast access to projection tools for both single- and multi-projector setups. Users can attach the camera to the front of select Epson interchangeable lens projectors or Epson ultra short-throw lenses without the need for any angle adjustments. The camera enables tools for screen matching and color calibration, stacking assist function, tiling assist for edge blending and remote support.

PixAlign Features:

  • Stacking Assist Function: allows for stacking of two or more Epson Pro Series projectors and with Pro Series projectors it can perform stacking assist without additional equipment.
  • Tiling Assist: function is capable of tiling up to 15 projectors (and up to a 300-inch screen per projector). Ttiling assist provides automatic edge blending via the EPPT application and PixAlign to display a single, large or super-wide image from multiple projectors.
  • Screen Matching and Color Calibration: Color calibration is automatic.
  • Remote Support: PixAlign enables convenient remote monitoring by providing real-time camera captures of the projected display for fast, easy troubleshooting.

Epson’s installation tools can be used across Pro Series laser projectors with the PixAlign ELPEC01 attached or those with built-in cameras, including the Pro L1000 Series, Pro L30000UNL and select discontinued Pro L models. Users can download the latest projector firmware here to access the full suite of Epson Pro Series features.