Epson Announces Collaboration with Crestec to Deliver Versatile Group Augmented Reality Tours

Epson in collaboration with Crestec, is showcasing the PORECT AR software on the Epson Moverio AR smart glasses at InfoComm 2018. Designed for simple and easy-to-use group AR tours, PORECT provides the ultimate “Group AR” experience perfect for tourism, fan events and enterprise settings.

“At Crestec, our goal is to provide exceptional group AR experiences and we knew that our platform is only as good as the hands-free wearable device that is distributing the content,” said Michael Fleder, director of creative engineering, Crestec. “We chose the Epson Moverio smart glasses, not only because it is currently the most widely available smart glasses in the U.S., but because of its top-of-the-line Si-OLED displays.”

With just the Moverio smart glasses, a tablet and a portable Wi-Fi router to connect it all wirelessly, the AR group tour experience is controlled by a docents’ tablet, with content simultaneously displayed in the participants’ glasses at his command. Whether the platform is used as a support tool for tour guides, to enhance fan experiences, or to stand out at an industry trade show, PORECT’s AR solution offers businesses a new and exciting way to disseminate content. Through PORECT, businesses can affordably build their own augmented reality tour experiences without the requirement of a custom software development.

“In the past, many end-users have expressed interest in wanting to build their own AR tour experiences without the cost for custom software development,” said Michael Leyva, product manager, augmented reality solutions, Epson. “Through our collaboration with Crestec, together we’re empowering companies to do just that, by providing the availability of an easy-to-use, scalable Group AR tour creation and publishing solution through PORECT.”

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For information and how to purchase the PORECT platform, go here. And, Epson is here.