EPSON and PolyVision Team Up to Donate to Florida’s DEP

Epson and PolyVision last month donated 10 new Epson PowerLite W6 multimedia projectors and 10 PolyVision no interactive whiteboards to the Florida Digital Educator Program’s Master Digital Educators.

The Master Digital Educators will use the Epson PowerLite W6 multimedia projectors and PolyVision no interactive whiteboards “to showcase the importance of integrating interactive learning technologies to enhance students’ classroom experiences.” This innovative mentoring program is an extension of the Florida Digital Educator (FDE) Program, allowing educators with extensive technology experience to train their peers on how to best provide the technology skills necessary to launch Florida’s students into the digital age. The FDE supports the use of technology across the state’s K-12 curricula through collaborative experiences with new technologies and digital tools.

To learn more about the Florida DE program, go here.

Having recently come across the Florida MDE program, it looks like a nifty idea/program. Now they can do even more of a good thing; thanks to Epson and PolyVision.