AV Power Up! – Episode 63: We Bring You the Disruptive and the New (Part 2)

AVPowerUp_750x400Join the Crew: Host Corey Moss, Katye McGregor Bennett, Justin Watts and Deron Pinchback as they welcome their guests:

Brady Bruce – CMO at InFocus

Joan Vandermate – Head of Marketing at Logitech Video Collaboration Group

Marty Sexton – Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Polycom

Vijita U.G. – Marketing Communications Specialist at Stewart Filmscreen

Kelsey Ohlegher (@KelseySocial) on a call-in to the show

Here we are with Part 2 of the show that introduced four of the Top 10 Disruptives at InfoComm 2016 in the last episode and yes, we have four more here including another the new! Last week’s “new” was Crew member Sandy Ciarlo (she’s on a well-earned vacation this week) and this week’s – with their first appearance ever at InfoComm – is Logitech!

Joan Vandermate represents in a big way bringing Logitech Video Collaboration Group’s solutions and partnership discussion at the show here to you. Brady Bruce, whose company Jupiter Systems scored the #1 spot last year with Canvas 3.0, comes on the show with InFocus this time to talk all of their solutions talk from the show – and yes Canvas is a part of that discussion too along with numerous others. Marty Sexton joins us to talk about RealPresence Centro, Polycom’s revolutionary new collaboration (yes we allowed the word on this show) in-the-round product along with others, and (the IT challenged) Vijita U.G., offering prizes on this show to one lucky future employee, puts a shining touch on Stewart Filmscreen’s solutions, as well as that 16K discussion at the show.

And who might that future possible employee be? Well let’s just say one of the Crew members had a not so good day involving his prized two-wheel possession. Will Vijita replace it? And what color will it be? Tune in to find out.

Kelsey Ohlegher calls in to talk that social media talk she does so well and we spend the beginning of the show learning about social media from a true expert. We know some of those guests were taking notes, maybe you will too.

Hot Jobs? Let’s say if they didn’t happen, Corey would be getting a call from the west coast. ‘Nuff said (all taken care of Marika!). The Power Up? You are in for a real moment delivered by the Google himself – be prepared.

So get comfy, plug in, and get ready for an equally great Part 2!

And yes…

power button purple

Power Up!