Epiphan Video launches cost-saving post-production service in the cloud

Epiphan Video, a leader in professional audiovisual capture, recording, and streaming products, announced on November 30 the launch of their new post-production service, AV Studio.

AV Studio is a SaaS product that streamlines post-processing of recorded video through remote operation and monitoring of simple on-site capture hardware. AV Studio doubles revenue for AV Service companies by enabling ultra low-cost recording and post-production of live seminars and conference breakout rooms using cloud-based infrastructure.

“AV Studio dramatically reduces the cost of high-quality presentation recording with its very low-touch workflow,” says David Kirk, VP of Marketing, “Users can produce a huge volume of high-quality video assets for their clients with very little effort and short turnaround times.”

With its low-cost design, AV Studio minimizes the total number of on-site personnel required for production of large numbers of video materials, including full-resolution ISO files and engaging PiP layouts.

“Because they need to be done at very low cost, often we see seminars recorded using a single camera to capture both the speaker and presentation material. This results in an underexposed speaker and unclear, overexposed slides,” says Kirk, “AV Studio fixes this problem by capturing the speaker and the slides individually with settings optimized for each. This results in crisp presentation text, fantastic presenter image, and a more dynamic and professional recording overall.”

AV Studio uses Epiphan’s Webcaster X2 product as the on-site capture appliance. Current Webcaster X2 owners can apply a free firmware upgrade to enable pairing to AV Studio.

Readers can learn more about AV Studio at AV Studio will be showcased at the world’s largest AV systems integration show, ISE 2018, in Epiphan stand 11-C115 from February 6–9 in Amsterdam.