Epic Games Releases Unreal Engine 4.27 Software, Now Integrates with disguise Plugins

Epic Games Unreal Engine 4.27 Software Update with disguiseEpic Games has dropped its latest software release, Unreal Engine 4.27, and disguise users will be among the first to take advantage. disguise worked alongside the Unreal Engine team to create a ready-made solution for its users with the 4.27 release. With disguise’s new r19 software release, together with their freely available, open-sourced RenderStream plugin, users can integrate Unreal Engine alongside their disguise workflow.

Epic Games has been working closely with disguise to deliver 3D graphics across all types of industries, including virtual production, broadcast, corporate events and beyond since awarding them an Epic MegaGrant last year.
Epic Game’s latest release, 4.27, is geared towards empowering the virtual production industry to easily create graphics with cinematic quality. Highlights include major updates to its in-camera visual effects toolset for virtual production, adding support for more features such as Multi-User Editing. Live Link Vcam, a new iOS app, enables users to drive a Cine Camera in-engine using an iPad. There are improvements for producing correct motion blur in traveling shots. Other enhancements include GPU Lightmass for significantly faster light baking.

disguise’s most recent r19 release enables users to integrate directly with Unreal Engine via its proprietary RenderStream infrastructure. disguise users can create RenderStream output streams on Unreal Engine projects, allowing them to make real-time content changes directly from disguise’s software interface, Designer. r19’s new functionalities included dynamic control with remote textures, streamlined workflows and 3D object transform. Users can now bring live imagery and video input from Designer into Unreal. The software, hardware and system infrastructure in r19 empowers dynamic control of content engines.

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disguise’s r19 software will have its system already set up to accommodate all 4.27 configuration requirements. disguise operators who currently run RenderStream can skip the setup, download their updated RenderStream plugin and get straight to work.

“We wanted to make it easy for our customers to take advantage of the many cutting-edge features that 4.27 has to offer as soon as possible with minimal setup requirements,” said disguise technical solutions director Peter Kirkup. “With the setup out of the way, our users can focus more on telling their best stories, knowing that they can rely on a consistent, repeatable and scalable workflow to make it happen.”

4.27 is one of numerous examples of the two companies working closely together. Recently, disguise was also selected to support the installation and implementation of its state-of-the-art hardware in the virtual production stage in Epic Games’ London Innovation Lab.

“Unreal Engine 4.27 equips storytellers with more creative control than ever before, and the fully integrated and complementary disguise solution is ready to help filmmakers take their productions to the next level, from our own London Innovation Lab to other stages all over the world,” said Marc Petit, VP and general manager, Unreal Engine, Epic Games.