Environmental Lights Launches New Five-in-One LED Light Sheets

evnvironmental lights five in one

Environmental Lights announced the launch of the new five-in-one LED Light Sheets. The five-in-one LED Light Sheet is a cuttable and modular light sheet designed specifically for backlighting applications where bolder colors or softer pastels are of importance. Five LEDs are packaged in every node on each light sheet. All five colors can be mixed to create an extremely wide range of color options. Individual light sheets feature 12 cut segments containing six five-in-one nodes, for a total of 72 nodes per sheet. Multiple sheets can be connected to cover larger surface areas, or sheets can be cut to fit a variety of applications.

Five-in-one LED Light Sheets are available in two options: tunable white and amber + white. The tunable white pairs an RGB diode with 2,500K and 6,500K white diodes, while the amber + white pairs an RGB diode with one amber diode and one 6,500K white diode.

Each light sheet runs on 24 VDC, is UL Listed and comes with one jumper connector (for connecting two light sheets) and one bare wire to SM connector. They are easily controlled using any compatible Environmental Lights controller or dimmer and ideal for DMX applications.

Five-in-one LED Light Sheets are here.