Enplug Adds a Way Signage Integrators Can Gain Recurring Revenue by Adding Artwork-as-a-Service Via Enplug Art

enplug art

Enplug announced Enplug Art Thursday — a collaboration with contemporary artists and museums to bring more than 1,000 works of modern and classic art to Internet-connected displays and TVs.

Today’s contemporary art movement is evolving quickly as artists embrace new content distribution models. The COVID-19 pandemic has placed further pressure on the contemporary art community, causing galleries to shutter temporarily and all but eliminating in-person events that would normally provide relevant touch points for artists to connect with prospective benefactors and customers. Enplug Art enables artists to reach new followers outside of their direct orbit. In the same way Instagram increases artists’ digital reach beyond gallery walls, Enplug Art achieves a similar result by enabling them to display their work in homes and offices worldwide.

Enplug Art is building a community of contemporary artists whose works will be featured on the platform. Three of the artists in this initial phase include Seamus Conley, Carlson Hatton and Sharon Lee:

  • Seamus Conley lives and works in both Los Angeles and San Francisco. A recipient of the Pollock-Krasner Award, his paintings have been exhibited throughout the U.S., including a solo museum exhibit at the Lancaster, California Museum of Art and History. Conley’s work has been featured in publications such as Hi Fructose, San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco Examiner, San Francisco Weekly, Empty Mat, Bliss Mag and American Art Collector.
  • Carlson Hatton lives and works in Los Angeles. A professor of art at Santa Monica College, his work has been shown extensively in group exhibitions throughout the greater Los Angeles area, with solo exhibitions at Patrick Painter Gallery in Santa Monica, Ruth Bachofner Gallery in Santa Monica and Weekend Gallery in Los Angeles. Hatton’s work has been featured extensively in print, including the Los Angeles Times, Art Ltd, Artillery Magazine, New American Paintings, Art Forum, Voyage, Art and Cake, and Crave.
  • Sharon Lee is a Korean-American fine artist and founder of Krane Home. Inspired by her mother and grandfather, both artists, Sharon’s art modernizes traditional techniques with a signature process that involves hand-carving, block-printing, gold leaf and lacquer. She has exhibited her work at venues such as the Korean Cultural Center and currently at the Four Seasons Resorts Hawaii on an ongoing basis since 2016. Sharon turns her art into home decor as the founder of Krane Home. Her paintings and decor have been featured widely in major design publications, including House Beautiful, Architectural Digest, Traditional Home and Luxe Magazine.

Through exclusive partnerships with Enplug, these artists now have access to a much vaster potential audience, showcasing their work to a diverse universe of individuals who appreciate art but aren’t necessarily plugged into the local art scene.

Corporations, universities and other large institutions often possess their own private art collections. Some pieces are displayed in lobbies and conference rooms, while more valuable works are often displayed in executive offices. Many (if not most) works are kept in storage and rarely on display. Enplug Art is democratizing this process, enabling these institutions to feature artwork on any and all network-connected screens, without having to catalogue, store and ship artwork between offices when rotating collections.

In addition to bringing art into the workplace, Enplug is also bringing art into the home as a free service for anyone using Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick or Nvidia Shield to stream to their home televisions. Additionally, the latest-generation smart TVs can stream Enplug Art directly without requiring a stand-alone streaming device. With pervasive adoption of in-home internet-connected televisions, many household entertainment centers also double as their own digital signage network, capable of displaying the same works of art now available to institutional users of Enplug’s digital signage platform. Unlike consumer-grade “smart frames” that require the purchase of a separate display, Enplug Art lets people display art on their existing smart TVs without any upfront or recurring costs.

Enplug Art is also hardware-agnostic. Whether a user is a homeowner with a single TV or a corporate campus with a thousand endpoints, Enplug Art takes advantage of established digital signage networks and smart TVs already installed in the home. Simply create an account on Enplug, open your TV’s web browser, pair the TV (or TVs), and then activate the Art App to enjoy Enplug’s extensive collection of curated art in the home.

Here are the details: