Energizer Reinvents the Battery

At last week’s CES Show, Energizer unveiled a new battery technology to power many of the electronic devices we use every day. The Energizer Zinc Air Prismatic battery will offer OEMs greater design flexibility, while providing greater run times or enabling smaller devices.

Zinc Air Prismatic batteries use the same zinc air technology that is used in hearing aid batteries, in which zinc reacts with oxygen in the air to generate power. The battery offers high energy density as well as a thin form factor. Product innovations include a new 5 mm thin prismatic (rectangular) construction, with what the company says is the highest energy density of any consumer portable power solution (either disposable or rechargeable) resulting in up to three times (3X) more runtime compared to similarly sized alkaline or lithium ion batteries.

You can learn all about the new Zinc Air technology at a custom Energizer site here.