ENCO Expands Control Options for Instant Playout Solutions at InfoComm

ENCO comes to its second InfoComm show (June 6-8, Las Vegas Convention Center) with a new physical control surface for its instant playout and automation solutions. Blending IP-based innovation with traditional tactile control, ENCO will demonstrate the new hardware controller, ClipBoard, in live production applications with its ClipFire (video) and HotShot3 (audio) instant playout solutions. ENCO exhibits at Booth C4167.

ClipBoard’s unique operational benefits are ideal for use in AV control rooms in venues, theme parks and other environments where operators need lightning-fast delivery of clips to enhance an entertainment-related exhibit or production. ClipBoard particularly shines when used with ClipFire and ENCO’s other video automation solutions (including MOM — Media Operations Manager), as the ClipBoard’s OLED-based buttons display 96×64 pixel graphics.

ClipBoard’s button layout mirrors and complements ENCO’s highly-regarded, touchscreen-optimized software interfaces. ClipBoard buttons can trigger any asset available, including video, audio, graphics and ENCO DCL (DAD Command Language) commands. Thumbnails of available audio or video clips are shown on the buttons for easy identification, while countdown timers display in-progress elements.

“Some hardware controllers simply map their buttons to the software’s on-screen array, so users must look at both the button box and the screen to locate what they want to play and see the result,” said Ken Frommert, president of ENCO. “With ClipBoard, operators don’t even need a screen to find their desired assets. Rather than just seeing audio or video playout on a separate monitor when a button is pressed, ClipBoard displays a countdown timer on the button itself, providing instant visual feedback.”

ClipBoard units feature 56 buttons, each measuring one inch wide by 7/8 of an inch high. 48 of these buttons can be used to trigger media assets on the current array page, while the remaining eight provide switching between banks of buttons. ClipBoard features RJ45 Ethernet connectivity and controls ENCO automation and playout solutions over an IP network, enabling it for use with both physical and virtualized systems.

“As user-friendly as our software interfaces are, hardware buttons are still often the fastest and most comfortable means of operation for a variety of use cases,” continued Frommert. “ClipBoard brings tactile control into the IP-enhanced era, providing a cost-effective control surface for audio playout while delivering unique benefits for video applications.”

Instant Playout and Automated Solutions

ENCO’s format-flexible, cost-effective and intuitive approach to instant media playout will also be emphasized, with complete demonstrations of ClipFire and HotShot3; as well as MOM for broader media management and automated playout needs.

Introduced in late 2016, ClipFire brings true affordability to professional instant video playout, without the complication of traditional server-based architectures. Instead, ClipFire’s fully graphical interface is optimized for high-speed, touch-screen operation without an external keyboard or mouse. Support for SD, HD and UHD resolutions with built-in up/down/cross conversion and native codec support ensures users can work across multiple formats and without complicated transcoding to support file playback.

HotShot3, introduced in late 2017, leverages a similar design to ClipFire for the purpose of live, instant audio playout. Like ClipFire, HotShot3 provides instant access to local and network audio assets, with an intuitive interface ideal for control rooms, audio suites and production trucks. In addition to interoperability with ClipBoard, HotShot3 provides playback options on a pre-labeled 80-button touchscreen operation, and enables remote operation using an iPad. Support for both stereo and surround sound ensure compatibility with audio systems in virtually any venue.

Both systems adopt ENCO’s on-screen “button box” layout to accelerate learning curves and allow users to navigate up to hundreds of active icons with ease, each displaying a visual thumbnail with clip information. Users can fire instant playback of video, audio or graphics with a single tap, with customizable options for different productions without limiting the number of available clips.

“ClipFire and HotShot3 bring affordable instant playout options to the industry without any need for advanced training sessions to learn the operation,” said Frommert. “It’s a simpler user experience without any sacrifice to quality, reliability or feature sets, ensuring that professional-quality media playout is now accessible to virtually any organization.”

Like ClipFire and HotShot3, MOM’s comprehensive design uses ENCO’s button box functionality to allow a single operator to ingest, schedule, edit and play out media from one interface. MOM’s powerful engine, configurable front-end layout and ease of use gives corporations, universities, government bodies, large venues, theme parks and houses of worship a simple way to unify all media workflow operations within a single workstation. Users can connect ClipBoard for time-sensitive projects or productions where manual control best serves the audience or event.

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