Elo Says It Has World’s First Interactive Display Line Certified by Google

Elo today announced upgrades to its Android-based I-Series, PayPoint, PayPoint Plus and Backpack products, with the availability of Google Play Services across its full line of 10- to 70-inch interactive solutions. Elo’s new third generation series of Android products enable access to the latest Google Mobile Services apps, including Google Chrome, YouTube, Play Store access and the many Google APIs, such as location services, push notifications and automated app updates. This enables Elo customers to deploy Google-capable devices across multiple touch-points on their own — not requiring an update from Elo to add apps or functionality.

Android solutions can work for enterprise applications, from self-service and point-of-sale to wayfinding, corporate meeting room management, restaurant, kitchen and industrial automation. Google Play Services also provides core functionalities, including authentication, synchronized contacts, access to the latest user privacy settings and higher quality, more energy efficient, location-based services. Google Play Services also allows Elo customers to take advantage of the latest in WebView, push-notification technology, Firebase Messaging, location services, YouTube control, immersive maps and APIs for device management.

The I-Series 3.0 for Android is available in 10-, 15- and 22-inch sizes and can be configured with any combination of Elo Edge Connect peripherals, allowing it to morph into virtually any solution.

Elo displays are here.