elektraLite Replaces eyeBall Wash Fixture With New Ocular

elektralite ocular

When elektraLite first rolled out its eyeBall in 2012, the compact stage and cyc wash fixture quickly proved itself to be a reliable and affordable workhorse, according to the company. Now, more than a decade later, elektraLite has replaced the product with a new model known as the Ocular.

Not just a stage and key/highlight fixture, elektraLite says the Ocular can also be used as a truss warmer, shin kicker or even a house light just as easily and effectively. Available in four different cell versions—Cool White (CW), Warm White (WW, 3200k), Quad (RGBW) and Five-in-One (RGBWA)—the new Ocular is equipped with a powerful 100-watt COB LED light engine sporting a brilliant CRI of 95. Featuring a manual zoom that ranges from 24.4 to 63.6 degrees, the fixture is capable of numerous optical effects, including strobe, three dimming curves and four dimming fade controls, as well as the ability to store multiple shows with inbuilt speed and fade adjustments. The fixture’s light dispersion can also be controlled via an optional barn door accessory.

Packed into a compact body length of only 9-⅜ inches—yet featuring a front lens diameter of a full 4-⅜ inches for maximum light output— elektraLite says the Ocular is able to fit in tight spaces, including 12-inch box trusses, making the fixture particularly handy for low-ceiling applications. And, weighing in at only seven pounds, the product is lightweight, allowing for more fixtures to be hung in a given space. When paired with a convenient and sturdy double-yoke, mounting options are “practically limitless.”

elektraLite says power input is by way of PowerCon in and through, while control is via five-pin XLR in and through. An LCD display provides information concerning the menus, profiles and channel assignments for the fixture, which also boasts an efficient liquid-cooling system and small near-silent fan providing air movement to reduce internal dust buildup.

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Perfect for myriad applications—theatrical and live music tours, houses of worship installs, corporate events, television studios (thanks to its flicker-free on-camera operation), educational institutions and more— the company says the Ocular is certain to delight both original eyeBall users and new customers alike.