Electrograph Brings New HD Flat-Panel Line to Market

Electrograph announced a new series of flat-panel displays designed specifically for the installer community. The new line is called the RevolutionHD, and it includes HD LCD and plasma displays.

The RevolutionHD line consists of 32”, 37”, 42” and 46” LCDs, and 42” and 50” plasmas. They are specified at 1080i and include PC and HDTV compatibility, RS-232 control, split-screen PIP, a number of calibration controls, and portrait and landscape mounting. The company says they are easy to install and help maintain margins at a time when box sales margins are eroding.

Why another brand? Company execs cited the need to fill a niche for ProAV integrators that need access to high-end consumer-like HD-TVs. This will be interesting to watch as it appears that RevolutionHD is exclusive to Electrograph and not something that you’ll see appear, all of a sudden, at Best Buy or Home Depot (yes, I did write Home Depot).