Electro-Voice Releases PXM-12MP Stage Monitor for Live Performances, Rental Companies

EV PXM 12MP Corner HR HighRes 37860
The PXM-12MP marks Electro-Voice’s debut in the powered stage monitor market. Designed for live performances and rental companies, PXM-12MP is a rugged loudspeaker that’s acoustically optimized with a two-way stage wedge that features coaxially aligned 12-inch low-frequency and 1.75-inch high-frequency transducers. With a small footprint and a weight of 13.5 kilograms (29.8 pounds), it’s a portable solution designed for live performances on all stages, particularly for situations in which floor space is limited.

The 55-degree monitor floor angle enables an artist to stand as close or as far away from the system as necessary without sacrificing audio intelligibility. The 90-degree horizontal angle also gives performers the freedom to move across the stage, rather than being constrained to just a small area.

The PXM-12MP shows flexibility when it comes to further use due to its 90° x 90° coverage pattern. It equally performs well as a fill, delay or mounted on a pole working as a sound system for short-throw applications; subwoofers can also be connected whenever extra bass is needed. The PXM-12MP comes with several x-over settings, including settings for ELX200 and EKX subwoofers.

EV’s QuickSmart DSP features a backlit LCD panel and a push-button encoder, providing best-in-class signal processing with sophisticated IIR/FIR settings for optimized audio performance. The integrated digital three-band EQ features different factory presets for various application modes, as well as five individual user presets. A special high-Q notch filter can eliminate troublesome feedback frequencies. The delay function with 0.1-meter increments provides precise adjustment when used as a delay speaker. The GUITARCAB setting allows users to connect a guitar directly to the PXM-12MP via a DI box.

The recessed connection panel is located on the side of the speaker, ensuring it is well protected and also easily accessible when used on a pole. It features two XLR/TRS combo mic/line inputs, an individual phantom power option, a stereo RCA AUX input for playback music sources, and an XLR THRU input when used as part of a distributed sound system. An XLR MIXOUT output allows the cabinet to act as a basic three-channel mixer that can send the mix to another loudspeaker. PXM12-MP’s integrated cable management reduces stage clutter and prevents tripping over cables; clean cable routing and strain relief is guaranteed when used on a tripod or pole.

The PXM-12MP stage monitor is housed in a durable, 15-millimeter plywood enclosure with rugged EV-Coat and is furnished with a powder-coated steel grille to guarantee roadworthiness for everyday use.
The PXM-12MP will be available in February 2020 and is here.