ELAN Debuts g1 Control System

elan-g1-0914ELAN has a new control platform called g1, which ELAN calls the most-affordable in the company’s history. The controller is designed for media rooms, smaller projects, secondary homes, production builder packages and as a hand-held universal remote alternative.

Shipping now, the ELAN g1 System Controller is a controller configured with three IR outputs, one IR input, one bi-directional RS232 input, one sensor, one HDMI output (720p/1080p) and one audio output. Its built-in Wi-Fi enables all of its functions to be IP controlled. PoE enabled, it uses dramatically less energy than conventional controllers. It is shipped complete with a hand held remote, IR sensor, three IR emitters and a serial adapter.

The g1 features integration of up to 16 zones of security, two door locks, media that that can control one AVR, 32 displays and an unlimited number of ELAN zones. It also offers controls for lighting (24 devices and up to 24 custom g! keypads), climate (three stats), video (three IP cameras), irrigation (16 groups and 256 zones) — plus the ability to add on an unlimited number of ELAN and Core Brands attachments.

Here are all the details and specs.