Eiki’s Bright and Crisp Projection Proves Ideal for Muskoka Woods

Eiki_logoRosseau, Ontario, Canada – February 2016… Muskoka Woods is a Christian youth resort that welcomes all young people to life-changing experiences. Muskoka Woods operates all year round on Lake Rosseau as a non-profit youth organization specializing in summer camp, school trips, church retreats, and leadership development experiences. Muskoka Woods is the ultimate destination for youth of all ages.  With over 1,000 acres of property, 2,800 feet of shoreline on beautiful Lake Rosseau, world-class buildings and sports complexes, Muskoka Woods is one of the most respected premier residential camps in North America. Muskoka Woods offers a myriad of activities and, to provide the most engaging experience possible, management recently elected to deploy state-of-the-art projection technology drawn from the catalog of Rancho Santa Margarita, CA-based Eiki International, Incorporated.

As Muskoka Woods’ Production Manager, Colin Ray is responsible for ensuring all A/V equipment is in working order and updated as required, in addition to managing the sound, lighting, and video for all events on campus. He takes great pride in creating a fun, memorable atmosphere for the guests by designing all stages, props, and outdoor lighting to transform the resort for every meeting, event, concert or program that occurs. He discussed his decision to install Eiki’s LC-HDT2000 HD widescreen projector.

“Our new projector was installed in the Hangar, our largest event space on campus, with a capacity of over 700 people,” Ray explained. “In this venue, we host youth events and retreats, church services, dance and drama shows, guest speaker presentations, and a multimedia summer camp event called Impact. During the summer, this space is also used for the Muskoka Woods’ gymnastics program. The Eiki LC-HDT2000 projector is used for many different applications, though song lyrics and video is its primary purpose. We also use it for PowerPoint presentations, images, and graphics as well as motion to set the scene. The LC-HDT2000 projects onto our main center screen and adds tremendous value and atmosphere to all our events.”

With the assistance of one additional staff member, Ray installed the new Eiki projector upside down from the ceiling using a Chief mounting kit. The unit hangs at a height of approximately 20 feet and is positioned 30 feet from the screen using the Eiki AH-21202 Power Zoom Lens. “The LC-HDT2000 projects onto a 15- by 20-foot screen, which serves as the centerpiece of our stage,” Ray added. “This screen is so big; it can be used as a background display for drama productions. The combination of the Eiki LC-HDT2000 projector and this screen is really impressive.”

When queried about those attributes that made the Eiki LC-HDT2000 HD widescreen projector the ideal choice for this particular installation, Ray offered the following thoughts. “This projector fits well for many different reasons. As a high end projector with numerous features and 15,000 ANSI Lumens brightness, it offers exceptional value. The Hangar can easily get dusty, so keeping the projector clean was a high priority for us. With its self-cleaning air filter and careful placement, I expect this projector will serve us well. We’ve also been very impressed with the unit’s bright, crisp colors and the fact that it’s quiet and, hence, never distracting. Having vivid colors and a clear, crisp image for use with song lyrics and various graphics was vitally important—and this projector definitely delivers. It wows every time and cuts through the other stage lights and smoke with ease.”

When selecting a projector for AV installations, technical questions frequently arise. Knowing that capable and responsive support is easily accessible is crucial. Here too, Ray had nothing but positive words for Eiki. “I’ve been really happy with the level of service and communication from Eiki,” he reports. “Our local sales rep has been amazing and every time I’ve contacted tech support, the conversations have been great. Everyone at Eiki has been very understanding and they genuinely want to help and ensure the projector lives up to expectations.”

Muskoka Woods’s new Eiki projector was installed in June 2015 and, since that time, has seen considerable use. Before shifting his focus to other matters, Ray offered these final thoughts on his experience with Eiki, “We are really happy with our purchase. The LC-HDT2000 is a great projector with a rich feature set. The best part is that the center screen in the Hangar has become a major WOW factor again. When people see it for the first time, they are blown away. With the product’s performance plus the experience and service I received during this project, the next time I’m in need of a projector, I’ll be looking to Eiki first!”

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