Eighteen Sound Adds XG10 Line Array Waveguide

eighteensound-0414Eighteen Sound announced the release of the XG10 line source waveguide with a 1-inch throat entry. The company says that the XG10 has a transmission line acoustic design that minimizes internal reflections and acoustic loss, while the throat shape has been optimized for lowering air distortion.

The waveguide has been optimized to provide a 10o vertical dispersion angle, while the horizontal coverage angle can vary from 80o to 120o depending upon the specific cabinet design.

Features include:

  • 1.0″ entry line-array source
  • 10° vertical coverage angle
  • Transmission line acoustical design minimizes internal reflections and acoustical losses
  • Throat shape optimized for lowering air distortion
  • Compact size for high arrayability
  • Die-cast aluminum construction

For complete specs, click here.