Echo Style Keypads Arrive from Savant

Savant has introduced a new keypad family that adds field-configurability from three to six buttons along with the ability to configure backlight color. Available in both low voltage and line voltage versions, Savant’s new Echo style keypads can control lighting and more within the Savant control ecosystem.

Savant Echo style keypads are available in ten different button configurations and three finishes, and have been engineered to be easily read from standing height. Echo keypads are designed to fit in a standard-sized opening making them compatible with an array of decorative faceplates to suit any décor. Adding further customization, the backlit engraving can be set to one of nine different colors. A built-in ambient light sensor automatically adjusts brightness based on the amount of light in the room and includes Wake Mode to increase backlit button brightness when a person approaches.

New Echo style field-configurable keypads from Savant can control lighting as well as audio, video, shades, climate and more. These premium keypads also include the option for Savant’s classic, easy-to-use dial for dimming or volume control.

Any Savant Scene that is created in the Savant Pro App can be easily assigned to a button on any Echo or Metropolitan style keypad. This can be done by the integrator during initial system set-up or anytime by the homeowner when adjustments are needed and the integrator has unlocked feature-access.

Savant is here.