EAW Debuts SBX118F Powered Arrayable Subwoofer

eaw sbx118f

Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) just debuted its new SBX118F 1 x 18″ Powered Arrayable Subwoofer. This new subwoofer can be used to enhance any EAW full-range enclosure and is designed to rig directly to the popular NTX Series of professional solution products. With SBX118F, the NTX series offers “rider-ready performance fit for touring productions and high-end installed applications.”

The SBX118F is a high-output, mid-size subwoofer system designed to provide low-frequency extension for any full range system. SBX118F’s use of a 4-in voice coil ensures the best sonic performance, meeting expectations for venues of all sizes. SBX118F can be ground stacked, flown by itself or arrayed with NTX210L. A ground stack adapter supports flexible, compact and safe ground stack arrays of SBX118F and NTX210L.