Easescreen to Return to ISE 2023

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As the first booth in the Digital Signage Hall (6M300), Easescreen has decided to represent the industry in all its facets — vibrant ecosystems, a wide array of applications across markets and hands-on interactive and immersive experiences.

With over 15 years of ISE experience, Easescreen considers ISE a unique opportunity to represent its brand and the entire industry. “In the beginning, Digital Signage had to be introduced to the AV industry, and events like ISE have always been the primary way to demonstrate its real power to integrators from all over the world,” Gerhard Pichler, CEO of Easescreen, explains. “At the end of the day, a memorable representation of a Digital Signage solution is a positive representation for all of us.”

Among this year’s booth highlights are:

  • Hands-on Interactivity: Two designated workstations provide interactive displays for visitors to create and deploy their own Digital Signage content in real-time. Sensor-driven experiences such as Gender Aging, Lift & Learn, and Gesture Control open new possibilities for retail, entertainment, and interactive corporate communication.
  • New Work, New Signage: Alongside Easescreen classics such as the hardware independent room booking application eSign, Easescreen also showcases its newly developed Desksharing solution. The Easescreen Broadcast transforms existing presentation hardware such as Barco Clickshare, Kramer Via, and Wolfvision Cynap into Digital Signage players!
  • Rethinking Boundaries: With hybrid experiences becoming increasingly popular and borders being open again, Easescreen Broadcast also turns any smart device anywhere in the world into a point of view.
  • Power to the Player: With a brand-new generation of SoC like Vestel and powerful upgrades to market cornerstones such as BrightSign, new feature possibilities for integrators emerge. Integrators can now focus on the end customer’s dreams with full hardware flexibility.
  • Think Big, Think Diverse: Digital Signage remains largely unnoticed in our everyday lives. A sneak peek into the various content options across industries inspires a bigger picture of what Digital Signage can and does accomplish every single day.