Dynaudio Intros Range of High-End Studio Reference Monitors

Dynaudio is launching Core — its latest high-end professional reference speakers. The series comprises a three-way monitor (Core 59) and a two-way monitor (Core 7).

Both Core 7 and Core 59 have digital inputs (AES3) and support up to 24-bit/192 kHz signals, and the internal DSP (digital signal processor) operates at the same high level when using the analogue inputs. The series is also designed for extremely flexible positioning. Depending on the studio environment, monitors might need to be placed sideways or upside down, which might mean less-than-perfect contact with the surface area. Core solves this issue with four indentations on each side and a set of Dynaudio-developed pads to fit them.

In addition, the three-way Core 59 features a rotation flex system — the Orbit — which has been adapted from Dynaudio’s renowned AIR series. It lets users rotate the plate that holds the mid/woofer and tweeter to suit either vertical or horizontal positioning. The Orbit has been improved since the original with developments including an acoustically optimized back chamber.

Core also features Pascal class-D amplifiers.

The Core range is scheduled to ship in Q2 2019. Core 59 is prepared for VESA mounting (optional) and Dynaudio has designed special brackets for Core 7 for wall or ceiling installation.

The Core 7 will be $2,000 and the Core 59 is $3,000. Both are here.