Dynaudio Unveils New Emit Speaker Series

dynaudio-emit-1015Dynaudio is debuting its new Emit loudspeaker range at the 2015 CEDIA Expo. With this new range, Dynaudio creates an entry-level product line. The models in the new Dynaudio Emit series include:

  • Emit M10: compact bookshelf loudspeaker with 14 cm mid/woofer; $750.00 per pair
  • Emit M20: compact bookshelf loudspeaker with 17 cm mid/woofer; $950.00 per pair
  • Emit M30: floor standing loudspeaker with two 17 cm mid/woofers; $1,900 per pair
  • Emit M15 C: center channel loudspeaker with angled plinth; $700.00 each

As the press release they sent us on this product line is full of jargon and useless tech speak, there’s no real detail on the product specs or performance. For example, this is in their press release: “The Emit range is characterized by a sonic cohesion that ensures a perfectly homogenous sound experience.”

See what we mean?

We hope to get some real specs at the show. In the meantime, Dynaudio is here.