Dynamic Microphones Go Mobile With MXL’s New MM-131 Mic Mate Mobile

dynamic-mxl-0615MXL Microphones introduces the MXL MM-131 Mic Mate Mobile, a portable dynamic XLR-to-USB interface that works with computers and mobile devices. The Mic Mate Mobile is compatible with iOS products via the Apple camera kit. The Mic Mate Mobile turns a single dynamic microphone into a USB mic and a Mobile Media microphone, creating three distinct applications.

No special drivers are required to use the Mic Mate Mobile with a PC, Mac, iPhone or iPad. The Mic Mate Mobile is USB 1.1 and 2.0 Compatible and it adapts to any dynamic microphone.

The Mic Mate Mobile has an XLR connection on one end with a USB out on the other. A gain control knob lets the user adjust the sensitivity. The 1/8” headphone jack has its own volume control. The user can monitor audio with zero latency whether he is recording into an iPhone, iPad or a PC.

The $79.95 MXL MM-131 Mic Mate Mobile is here.