Dynacord Debuts PROMATRIX 6000 Public Address and Voice Evacuation System

The PROMATRIX 6000 Public Address and Voice Evacuation System from Dynacord now offers users new hardware and software features for enhanced functionality and use in larger applications. Using IP technology, PROMATRIX 6000 provides a highly flexible, reliable and secure system solution with superior audio quality and low latency. As installers can use existing networks in the building infrastructure, relying on IP technology also results in faster installations and lower implementation costs. Furthermore, PROMATRIX 6000 can be interconnected with other devices such as PCs or laptops over IP protocol, allowing for efficient remote control, diagnostics and maintenance via the Internet.

The PROMATRIX 6000 Public Address and Voice Evacuation System IP functionality and connectivity is achieved via the newly released Dante network interface module (OM-1). It is now possible to create a 16-channel Dante audio network between the individual controllers. This not only improves the size; the IP networking architecture allows users to create multi-controller network topologies for larger areas via up to four decentralized controllers. This also means less cabling – a big cost-saving factor in some applications. The PROMATRIX 6000 system from Dynacord can now address, at maximum configuration level, up to 984 zones with a total of 164,000 watts of amplifying power in one system, making the system suitable for bigger installations in which a large number of zones and loudspeakers are needed. It also caters to existing installations whenever the infrastructure of a building changes and additional rooms have to be addressed. In addition, the network configuration provides redundant channels for safety purposes – in case of an emergency these channels will always work for evacuation signals, even if a controller loses network communication.

The Dynacord PROMATRIX 6000 is a unique, high-quality Public Address and EN 54-certified Voice Evacuation System. The certification allows architects, planners and specifiers to fulfill mandatory requirements specified in many tenders. In addition to professional audio quality, PROMATRIX 6000’s highly adaptable system architecture makes it ideal for small- to mid-sized offices, regional airports, mid-sized hotels, factories, schools and department stores. PROMATRIX 6000 now also includes loudspeaker zone monitoring and 30 minutes of flash memory for recordings of evacuation-related communication.

Here are all the detailed specs.