DVIGear’s DisplayNet and HyperLight Debut at ISE 2019

DVIGear is introducing the latest SDVoE technology in its expanding DisplayNet AV Distribution platform at ISE 2019 in Amsterdam, NL on February 5-8 in Stand 1-M100. DVIGear is also demonstrating its comprehensive suite of end-to-end 4K (UHD) video distribution solutions at the show, including its family of award-winning HyperLight Active Optical Cables.

The DN 150 Series offers a new entry point to the DisplayNet platform. These products offer the same zero-latency and zero-artifact 4K /60p video routing performance as the DN 200 Series in a value-oriented package. The units support HDMI 2.0 with up to 12-bit color and HDCP 2.2, and offer independent multi-layer routing of HDMI, Analog audio, IR and RS-232 signals. DN 150 series devices are compatible with all DN 200 series devices and may be deployed within the same system. A high level of interoperability between these products ensures the winning combination of performance and value in DisplayNet systems that utilize both product families. DN 150 Series transmitters and receivers support twisted pair (Cat6a or CAT7) media up to 328 feet, and DN 150F Series transmitters and receivers support fiber optic media via an SFP+ module with distances of up to 18 miles. DN 150 Series units are expected to be available in Q2 of 2019 starting at $995 (USD) MSRP per end point.

At ISE, DVIGear will also exhibit several enhancements to its DisplayNet Manager Software suite. The Advanced Video Wall feature adds support to the DN 200 series for asymmetric video walls, with Stretch, Fit and Crop options available for aspect ratio correction. Enhancements to DisplayNet Manager include new, streamlined interfaces for device and Video Wall configuration. These enhancements are free for all existing DN 200 series customers, and are available now.

The DN 200 Series is the flagship product of the DisplayNet product line. The DN 200 Series leverages SDVoE technology to distribute uncompressed AV signals with resolutions up to 4K /60p over a 10GbE Ethernet network. The DN 200 Series supports HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort 1.2 with up to 12-bit color and HDCP 2.2. Additionally, DN 210U and DN 220U models support High Speed USB 2.0 extension. A high-performance video processor in both the transmitter and receiver units enables Fast Switching, MultiViewer, Advanced Video Wall and output scaling functionality. The DN 200 Series supports twisted pair (CAT6a or CAT7) media up to 328 ft. (100 meters), or Fiber Optic media using an industry standard SFP+ module supporting extension distances up to 18 miles (30 km). DN 200 transmitter and receiver units are available starting at $1,350 (USD) MSRP per end point.

DVIGear will exhibit the performance of the DisplayNet product line through an interactive racing car simulator exhibit at the show. Stand visitors will have the opportunity to race in a simulated hypercar, with both controls and the video feed provided by DisplayNet. “This simulator serves as a great demonstration of DisplayNet’s performance.”, said Matthew Pulsipher, Product Manager at DVIGear. “You can’t drive a hypercar if your audio and video signals have latency and if your controls aren’t immediately responsive.” DVIGear will be handing out prizes to participants with qualifying fast lap times.

DVIGear’s HyperLight Series is an award-winning family of advanced Active Optical Cables that employs cutting edge technology to deliver unprecedented resolution, performance and value. The award-winning DVI 26xxx-AOC Series supports DisplayPort 1.4, transmitting at data rates up to 32.4 Gbps. (HBR3). These DisplayPort cables support very high resolution applications at 4K / 60Hz (4:4:4) with cable lengths up to 100 meters, and 8K / 30Hz (4:4:4) up to 50 meters. Expanding the HyperLight family is the DVI 23xxx-AOC Series, DVI Active Optical Cables that support any Single-Link DVI resolution, compliant with DVI 1.0 Standards, with data rates up to 1.65 Gbps / lane or 4.95 Gbps total. Both are HDCP 1.4 / 2.2 compliant, plenum-rated and provide a wide range of features in a compact, lightweight form-factor.

DVIGear will also be showcasing a new line of HyperLight HDMI cables. The DVI 25xxx-AOC Series offers the same exceptional performance as existing HyperLight cables, with support for HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2 at 4K / 60Hz (4:4:4) and cable lengths up to 100 meters. Additionally, the DVI 25xxx-AOC Series allows installers to change the connector type at the ends of the cable through a series of interchangeable docking connectors. HDMI, DVI and Dual-Mode DisplayPort docking connectors are available.

HyperLight cables are plenum-rated (UL CMP-OF). Constructed using a hybrid design of Polyfluorinated Optical Fiber and copper wires, they are rugged, yet lightweight, compact and highly flexible, with a two millimeters minimum bend radius. To further minimize cable diameter, HyperLight docking connectors may be detached making the cables easy to install in narrow conduits and plenum spaces. Video signals are transmitted over the optical fibers, making them immune to interference from environmental noise. The optical transmission path provides a very low RFI / EMI profile that allows the cables to be installed in sensitive applications with strict security requirements. By drawing power from the connected source, the need for an external power supply is eliminated. HyperLight cables are ideally suited for applications that require ultra-high resolution signals to be extended over long runs with flawless image quality. Attractively priced, the DisplayPort and DVI series are available for immediate shipment. The DVI 25xxx-AOC HDMI Series is expected to be available in March of 2019.

DVIGear will also be exhibiting its comprehensive suite of AV connectivity solutions at ISE 2019 in Stand 1-M100. Here are the details.