DVIGear Updates DisplayNet Software for Code-Free Programing and EDID Management

DISPLAYDVIGear released the latest version of its DisplayNet Software, DisplayNet 3.1. Available to all DisplayNet customers, this update includes a new scripting engine that enables Code-Free system programming, as well as enhancements to DisplayNet’s EDID Management functionality.

DisplayNet 3.1 introduces two types of recallable Presets: Snapshots and Scripts. Snapshots capture the state of an entire system and allow for single-click restoration of system configurations. Scripts store sequences of specific commands that can be recalled on-demand. Scripts can be recorded from sequences of actions performed in DisplayNet Manager and edited manually as needed. System programmers can leverage DisplayNet’s Script recording functionality to create and run complex sequences of API commands without editing a single line of code.

Also included in the DisplayNet 3.1 update are enhancements to EDID Management. Users can now view information about EDIDs stored in the library, as well as detailed information about connected displays. DisplayNet 3.1 also allows users to change the active EDID on a transmitter directly from the device configuration panel.

In addition to these features, DVIGear says DisplayNet 3.1 delivers various bug fixes as well as user interface improvements, such as an improved Console font and the ability to set custom colors for the Console and Preset Editor features. These improvements come alongside updates to core backend frameworks for improved application performance.