DVIGear Launches HDMI Extender – Distances to 100 Meters

DVIGear and Gennum Corporation have teamed up to launch a line of high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) coaxial extenders based on Gennum’s ActiveConnect technology (yes, using COAX cable).  Fully compatible with the latest HDMI v1.3 standard, DVIGear’s new DVI-7510a Coax Extender supports HDMI v1.3 data rates of up to 10.2 Gbps at distances up to 100 meters (330 feet) with what they claim is no loss of audio or video quality.

How does it work?  Well, DVIGear’s DVI-7510a HDMI Active Connect Coax Extender is a set of two products:  DVI-7511a is an HDMI Active Connect Coax Transmitter that accepts an HDMI v1.3 input signal and converts it to four (4) coaxial signals for transmission over cable runs up to 100 meters (330 ft.).  DVI-7512a is an HDMI Active Connect Coax Receiver that accepts these four (4) coaxial signals and converts them back to an HDMI v1.3 compliant output signals.

Read all about the 7510 here.