DVDO TILE Gets Updates — But It’s Still in a Stupid Plastic Enclosure

DVDO has updated the TILE collaboration system. The DVDO TILE even won rAVe’s Best of ISE and Best of InfoComm award winner as it’s a competitively priced ($1,200) way to make a giant digital canvas layering up to four sources on a screen (anywhere you want to place them — not just in a 2×2 wall configuration). The overall canvas HDMI output is only 1920×1080 though.

DVDO TILE’s latest upgrades include:

  • A single click to connect on all sources
  • A Moderator Mode allows true preview of casted content
  • Better collaboration with simultaneous Android device mirroring
  • Expanded Enterprise support with wireless WPA networks
  • An integrated customer response feature

TILE is an awesome collaborative tool for making any projection display a digital canvas in classrooms, conference rooms and huddle rooms. But, they still haven’t built a rack-mountable version — or a version in a metal exclosure. Ugh.

Hey, DVDO, PLEASE double the price to $2,500 and make it more rugged and put it inside a 1-U wide, metal enclosure for installs. Please? And, while you’re at it, come out with a $5,000 version that outputs 4K (3840×2160)…