DVDO Just Launched My Digital Canvas Box!


At ISE 2018 DVDO debuted its new TILE system – the exact box needed to deliver presentations via the Digital Canvas rather than linearly. In 2017, I spent most of the year traveling around the world delivering a presentation focused on encouraging integrators to build rooms with a digital canvas – a more flexible digital display system, rather than just a single-source at one time type of display. I suggested a few different ways to do this. For example, you can use Extron’s ShareLink or Barco’s ClickShare to display multiple pieces of content on a screen simultaneously, you can use a video wall processor to do anything anywhere or you can set up a room with multiple screens and use technologies like Nureva’s SPAN. But, the TILE from DVDO is the perfect, dedicated, purpose-built Digital Canvas box.


Well, TILE is a universal wireless casting and digital canvas box that allows users to simultaneously stream any content from almost any wireless device to one or two displays. Like all wireless BYOD boxes, the DVDO TILE allows users to share, collaborate, view and manage content from multiple users and multiple sources. BUT, the DVDO TILE allows up to five different tiled windows or sources to be displayed simultaneously with overlaying capabilities – not just in a 2×2 wall configuration!

If you need a more visual look at the DVDO TILE, check out this video we shot of the product at ISE 2018.

The DVDO TILE includes five HDMI inputs including an HDMI 2.0a 4K60 pass through, 2 USB inputs and 2 HDMI mirrored outputs. Nearly any source signal can pass through TILE, allowing users to cast almost any content from different sources simultaneously, on top of HDMI content, without having to worry about compatibility. The systems is designed for digital canvas applications, conference rooms and other collaborative uses. The DVDO TILE does not require a wireless connection so users do not need to reconfigure their laptops screen; they just select the content they want to show to the group and cast it up to the screen. And since up to five different tiled windows can be displayed simultaneously, multiple users can share ideas and presentations at once.

In order to manage this experience, users must download DVDO’s TILE App – available for iOS and Android mobile device as well as Mac and Windows PC systems or from the app stores at iTunes and Google Play. A Moderator mode can help approve and queue the casted content before it is shown on screen, a required feature for public or educational environments.

Key features of the DVDO TILE include:

  • Cast five on-screen tiles (windows) from multiple users and multiple sources
  • Cast up to four 1080p video streams simultaneously (to a 4K resolution screen)
  • Moderator Mode – manage and control content
  • Universal Compatibility – iOS, Android, Mac and Windows environments equally and expertly supported
  • Customize the presentation – reposition, resize and relayer tiles with alpha blending 

More information and full specs can be found here.