DVDO Intros iScan Micro to Convert HD to 4K

dvdo-iscan-0415DVDO today announced the iScan Micro, which is basically a cable-dongle that converts SD and HD signals up to 4k @ 60Hz (according to DVDO’s specs). The iScan Micro incorporates DVDO’s VRS ClearView technology, which it says uses a “studio-grade 4K Ultra HD adaptive scaling engine,” as well as other noise reduction and picture enhancement technologies. The iScan Micro will be available in late Q2 2015 at a list of $129. It is compatible with HDMI 2.0.

The iScan Micro is small enough to be placed behind an existing TV. Buyer beware as there are virtually no actual specifications on the product website including compression stats, frame rate details, color sampling rates or color bit depth specs.

Here are all the details.