DV Signage and Prysm Systems Partner for Work From Home Collaboration Proposition

dvsi prysm

DV Signage and Prysm Systems have announced a partnership for “Collaboration-as-a-Service,” a joint purpose-driven proposition as a response to the Work From Home (WFH) revolution. Post-pandemic business leaders face new challenges and opportunities in devising effective strategies for the burgeoning demand for hybrid (home and office/workplace) working. The partnership will launch in June.

“We are going to be building and operating state-of-the-art collaborative spaces — either for renovated and right-sized headquarters or new satellite locations closer to where clusters of their employees live,” Richard Cobbold, founder of DV Signage, explained. “We will ensure these spaces are highly accessible and surround them with technical support and specialist training capability — and ensure that each and every time their teams get together, the purpose of that meeting is achieved.”

DV Signage, a long-term Prysm Systems partner across Asia, has been building high-end immersive collaborative spaces using Prysm Systems’ 6K LPD Prysm 135, 190 and 225-inch displays and content management solutions for more than five years.

“Prysm Systems is able to incorporate data from multiple sources — actively encouraging attendees to manipulate and interact directly with the information on their digital touch screens,” Cobbold added. “Prysm Systems enables organizations to take their meeting experience to a whole new and altogether more impressive and highly visual level.”

Tanvir Osama, vice president EMEA at Prysm Systems, also discussed the partnership. “It’s great to be deepening our partnership with DV Signage to enable us both to respond rapidly to the need to reshape the workplace in the U.K. and across Europe. Our joint proposition, to be launched next month, responds directly to the need for organizations to underpin their Hybrid Workspaces with enabling technology to ensure highly memorable, high impact immersive and effective team experiences.”