DuPont Enters ProAV Market with Very Cool Conference Table

DuPont Electronics & Imaging announced today launched something they are calling the “Smart Conference Table,” a complete communications solution for collaborative spaces.

The Smart Conference Table includes a built-in IP-based control system that can control lighting, room shades and audio levels as well as input switching and call routing. The table can include any combination of the following built-in design features:

  • Touch pad-integrated, wireless control system
  • Embedded LED lighting display for custom branding
  • Smart room controls for lighting, shade and volume
  • Retractable HDMI, USB and power supply cables
  • Wireless Qi charging for smartphones
  • Individual MEMS audio pickups for superior call clarity
  • Inductive speakers for high sound quality

Additionally, it uses a Corian solid surface and the table’s modular design makes it a quick retrofit. Here are all the specs.