Dukane Offering Avocent Wireless Extender

Dukane Corporation announced the company now offers the Avocent LongView Wireless Extender as a wireless solution to Dukane’s ImagePro data video projectors as well as the complete line of LCD and plasma displays.

Audio, video and PC content are transmitted wirelessly from the source computer to the output device using the Avocent patented proprietary compression engine technology. The transmitter and receiver process analog video in a range of 300 to 3000 feet, depending upon the LongView Wireless extender model chosen. Three levels of built-in security make the LongView Wireless Extender incorruptible says the company, including AES encryption, a proprietary 802.11a link layer protocol and its proprietary video compression engine. The companies say the wireless clocks in at 30 frames per second.

The LongView Wireless Extender is available in two configurations, the LongView Wireless LV3500W for transmission up to 300 feet and the LongView Wireless LV4500W for transmission up to 3000 feet. Both models include a wireless transmitter and receiver, power supplies and audio cables. The LongView Wireless Extender is available to ship immediately from Dukane.

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