DTEN Debuts Inclusiview at InfoComm 2022

PersonalWorkstation3 4 750x400

DTEN debuted Inclusiview this week at InfoComm 2022. Created to better capture and present participants in small meeting rooms, DTEN Inclusiview leverages AI to deliver an unprecedented face-to-face experience via the DTEN ME Pro.

DTEN Inclusiview works exclusively with the all-in-one DTEN ME Pro. With the device’s smart three-camera array, DTEN Inclusiview utilizes both auto-framing and smart-framing to locate meeting participants and place each into a unique portrait view. The result is a more equitable meeting.

Corteville detailed several recent DTEN achievements in collaboration equity: features such as Zoom Smart Gallery on the award-winning DTEN D7; the upcoming release of DTEN ONboard, offering remote and in-office participants equal access to the new Zoom Whiteboard; and the DTEN Mate, the wireless Zoom Rooms controller keeping meeting leaders fully visible while managing logistics.

DTEN Inclusiview will be available to all DTEN ME Pro users later this summer via a simple firmware update.