DTEN InclusiView Displays All Hybrid Meeting Guests in Individual Panels


DTEN recently launched DTEN InclusiView, a feature exclusive to DTEN ME, DTEN ME Pro and DTEN GO, to enable engagement between small groups of in-office employees and remote team members. Through advanced AI technology, DTEN InclusiView senses team members in huddle rooms and presents them in individual panels exactly like remote participants — bringing everyone face-to-face in the same manner.

This greater inclusion begins with a huddle room equipped with DTEN ME, DTEN ME Pro or DTEN GO. The DTEN ME Series devices feature 27-inch, all-in-one display screens integrating video conferencing, content sharing, annotating and digital whiteboarding. DTEN InclusiView is also included, utilizing the device’s three-camera array and AI functionality to optimize the collaboration experience.

Want to see how this works? Here’s a video I shot of it at InfoComm 2022:

Specifically, through the DTEN ME Series’ super-wide 160° field-of-view, DTEN InclusiView can perceive up to five in-room team members. Using both auto framing and smart framing, DTEN InclusiView displays each meeting participant in optimized individual video panels. The technology automatically adjusts as new participants enter the huddle space.

The experience is comparable with DTEN GO: DTEN InclusiView is built-in and works seamlessly with the device’s four-camera array to present everyone equitably.

The impact: remote attendees see their colleagues more clearly, recognizing non-verbal signals such as facial expressions and body language. Because everyone has equal representation, meeting participants may easily speak, engage and even lead a meeting regardless of their location.

DTEN InclusiView is available, at no additional charge, for DTEN ME, DTEN ME Pro and DTEN GO with its companion DTEN Mate. All the details are here: