DT Research Launches MA Signage Multi-Screen Media Players

dtresearch-ma2-0315DT Research just announced a new line of digital signage players called the MA Multi Screen Appliance series. The so-called “rugged” and compact embedded system players are packaged with the intuitive WebDT Content Manager (WCM) software suite, which includes a menu board design tool, Menu Board Editor, for a turn-key digital signage package to quickly deploy menu boards, transportation signage, and other multiple screen applications.

The MA Signage Appliances provide multiple video connections with 2 to 7 HDMI ports (depending on the model) for up to 1080p or 4k high resolution. The MA1363C/1363B includes the Intel Celeron/Core i7 CPU, integrating 3 video out connectors with 3840×2160 (@24Hz) or 1920×1080 (@60Hz) resolution in a fanless package weighing less than six pounds, while the MA1367C/B also uses the Intel Celeron/Core i7 CPU, but it integrates 7 video out connectors with 3840×2160 (@24Hz) or 1920×1080 (@60Hz) resolution, packaged in a sealed chassis with an external fan for protection from airborne contaminants. The MA1352/1356 is powered with the Intel Celeron Quad Core CPU and has 2 to 6 video out connectors housed in a solid-state, fanless design weighing less than three pounds and the MA102/104 has an ARM CPU with an Android operating system and can power 2 or 4 screens with 3840×2160 or 1920×1080 resolution to each screen.

DT Research’s products all use their WebDT Content Manager (WCM) 6.2 Pro software for remote management of content and hardware functions. Bundled with all WebDT signage appliances, WCM offers an easy-to-use interface for organizing, scheduling, and distributing content, and supports numerous media formats (e.g., images, videos, Flash, remote URL’s, RSS, executable applications, ZIP, and Microsoft PowerPoint). Flexible screen layout options with multiple zones and layers enable a multi-screen video wall to be divided into multiple areas with different content in each zone to mix images, text, and real-time video through an RTSP or MMS stream, or through an optional video capture card. This management software allows quick updates over a network connection for real-time or scheduled content playback and automatic content download recovery to prevent downtime. The newly released WCM 6.2 Pro now offers a powerful Menu Board Editor (available for download online), enabling efficient menu board design, enhanced player management interface, extended browser support, and fully frame-synchronized multi-screen video playback with frame-synchronized audio/video. The Menu Board Editor offers a tool to streamline the layout and scheduling of menu board content with templates and plug-ins for fast deployment.

All the tech specs for each player are on the company’s website here.