DT Research Intros SA1360 Digital Signage Player

SA1360_and_WCM6-0214DT Research’s latest digital signage media player is the SA1360, a 1080p native player using the Intel Core i-series processor (i3 or i7) in a fabless box with two HDMI ports. Integrated with Microsoft Windows 7, the SA1360 includes 128GB of flash storage and up to 8GB of RAM, with TPM 1.2 support, and a PCI Express expansion port and wired or wireless networking.

The SA1360 includes the company’s Web-based WebDT Content Manager software for remote management of content and device functions. WebDT Content Manager is an interface for organizing, scheduling and distributing content, and supports numerous media formats (e.g., images, videos, Flash, URL, RSS, and Microsoft PowerPoint). Flexible screen layout options with multiple zones and layers enable a screen to be divided into up to eight areas with different content in each zone to mix images, text, and real-time video within a screen.

Here are all the specs.