DT Research Debuts 8K Digital Signage Player — Basically, a 16-Output Video Wall Controller


DT Research has announced the MS2800H and MS2800L digital signage multi-screen players that are capable of displaying content on up to 16 screens. The MS2800H/L can deliver both 4K and 8K (sort of) content across multiple displays (up to 16 from a single box), and offer content blending or tiling across screens. It includes multi-zone management via WebDT Content Manager 6.1 Pro, the included web-based Content Management System.

Featuring two Intel Xeon v2 processors (E5-2630 for MS2800L and E5-2643 for MS2800H with higher frame rate supported), the MS2800H/L supports up to 16 outputs — each at 1920×1080 and multiple screens can be configured into one canvas or can deliver content to individual screens in different areas of a building.

The DT Research WebDT Content Manager 6.1 Pro software is a Web-based application for remote management of content and device functions. Bundled with all both players, WebDT Content Manager allows content layout, scheduling and distributing content and supports most popular media formats (e.g., images, videos, Flash, remote URLs, RSS, executable applications, ZIP and Microsoft PowerPoint). Screen layout options with multiple zones and layers enable a multi-screen video wall to be divided into multiple areas with different content in each zone to mix images, text and real-time video through an RTSP or MMS stream, or through an optional video capture card. This management software allows updates over a network connection for real-time or scheduled content playback and automatic content download recovery to prevent downtime.

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