Drop-Down Monitor Mount Debuts from Multibrackets

MOTORIZEDXX-0416The Multibrackets M Motorized Ceiling Mount lowers a monitor from the ceiling. The brackets arm length can be adapted to the size of the TV and hold it securely in place and can be quickly folded down, via a remote control, to be used. The mount also includes a locking mechanism to safely lock your flat screen in place when flipped down, thus minimizing fatigue and vibration.

The M Motorized Ceiling Mount handles 32″-55” monitors and allows them to be mounted flat on the ceiling but then fold down when used. Designed for bedrooms, kitchens, commercial offices, schools or retail, it can fold your screen down or up -75° to 0°. This under the cabinet/ ceiling mount includes a locking system to keep the screen in position and is a very practical solution supporting screens both smaller and larger, 32″ to 55″.

The M Motorized Ceiling Mount uses what hey are calling a rapid motorized flip down transition technique with little noise. Use the included remote control or use IR codes (RC5) to fold down for control systems or off-the-shelf TV remotes to lower or flip up the TV.

More information is here.