Dreadful Vendor Spam Redux

spam man

“Good day Lee Distad I am Mark agent of Shenzen LED and power Ltd…”

Most of the time, the Clutter folder in my new Outlook works great.

Sometimes Outlook buries important emails from people I want to hear from in the Clutter folder, and as a result I have to browse it regularly to rescue them, but that’s another story entirely.

Instead, let’s look at what the Clutter folder spared me from this week.

A clear winner for the title of Most Preposterous, this email doesn’t beat around the bush, they just get right down to business:

We will consider an offer on Take-all basis of our iPhone [brand redacted] Mobile accessories.

Our Wireless [brand redacted] iPhone Power Mats also charge up Samsung S7 Edge phones (New Released March 2016 (also charges S6 Galaxy .. pic above .. we have 150,000 of these [brand redacted] iPhone Power Mat units (110/220 volt) & we are selling these at $3.00 each.

Samsung sells their charger for this Samsung S7 Edge starting at $35 each & up…….

Also attached is complete [brand redacted] iPhone Mobile accessory inventory (approx. 300,000 units) in our Kansas City warehouse. Also we have 85,000 [brand redacted] with USB connector which works with Notebooks, Bluetooth, Smart Phones, e Books , Tablets, Ipod… & multiple other devices $3.00 each.

Plus we have about 25,000 cases for New iPhone SE released on Mar. 31, 2016- $4 and up (pics attached in pdf)

Yeah, I have no doubt that you’d consider an offer on a “take-all” basis.

Not that it matters, but even worse than the egregious we’re-dropping-our-pants offer is the fact that the sender has never heard of “bcc:” and lumped the thousand-or-so email addresses they sent this to in the “To:” field.

So much to roll my eyes at, so little time.

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