Draper’s FocalPoint

FocalPoint 0610

Following the launch of its StageScreen FocalPoint-0610series, Draper now introduces another innovation in modular projection screens for the AV rental market: the FocalPoint.

Designed for smaller venues than the StageScreen, FocalPoint is sized to fulfill typical screen inventories, such as for breakout rooms, meeting rooms, and other places a fast easy set up is needed. However, the FocalPoint retains the modular frame construction that it shares with StageScreen.

With frame segments made of extruded aluminum, the FocalPoint is both rigid and durable, yet lightweight. With no hinges, the FocalPoint features quick and easy assembly. All available sizes of FocalPoint are built from combinations of the same frame segments in short easy to use lengths. Even legs are constructed using these frame segments. The modular segments attach quickly, easily and securely end-to-end. Draper’s DuraLoop bungees and convenient nylon pull-tabs create a flat self-centering viewing surface that attaches with no snaps. In addition, a black border extends past the edge of the frame, hiding the DuraLoops and frame posts. Legs and Dress Kits are available. The Focal Point can also be flown or used to make a custom size screen.

See all the specs and sizes here:  http://www.draperinc.com/linked/infocomm2010/

Again, a well-thought out staging product. And it’s nice to see the screen companies keeping up with the newest generation of video projection systems. There’s a lot of new development specifically for rentals going on in the screen field, and its great to see.