Draper Launches Ascend ‘Manual Roller Shade of the Future’

draper ascend

Draper just launched something they are calling the manual roller shade of the future — one without hanging cords, bead chains, or locking springs — it’s called Ascend.

The all-new Ascend is a cordless shading system that uses a light touch of one hand upwards at the bottom of the hembar to move the shade up, and the gentlest of tugs lowers it.

The FlexStyle Ascend is the luxury style of the Ascend lineup and it can be matched with motorized and battery shades in the same home. Roller shades in small windows in out-of-the-way spaces aren’t used as often as in other, more accessible spaces. The FlexStyle Ascend is a simple and safe alternative with no hanging cords for children or pets to interact with.

The FlexShade Ascend is available with FlexShade hardware, including fascia, so it can also be matched with motorized and battery shades in the same building. It is the perfect solution where children might come into contact with the shade, or where you simply don’t want to be able to tell the difference between motorized and manual shades.

Both the FlexStyle Ascend and FlexShade Ascend are in stock.